How to prevent from head lice

How to prevent from head lice

Head lice are one of the common hair issues that develop in 3 to 10 years children. If you are a teacher or a parent of this age of the kid, you will see them itching their head again and again. Moreover, it is not all about head lice, but lice also lay eggs on your hair, which is hard to find because nobody can see them. Therefore, to avoid such a situation regular take of hair is crucial not only for children but adults also. However, there are various treatments for head lice and their eggs, but with simple prevention and lice removal shampoo, you can stay away from lice.

Watch your head regularly:

Taking care of your head and hair can prevent you from developing lice on your head. You need to make sure that your hairs are neat and clean with soap or shampoo. Head lice do not fly or jump as they just crawl onto your body. If you are close to someone and they have lice, it can be spread from head-to-head contact. So be sure to avoid involving someone with hair-to-hair contact.

Do not share always:

It is a good thing to share your things with others, but it is not better always. You should keep a particular distance from others while hugging or taking selfies. One more thing head lice can be spread by sharing your personal belongings with others like pillows, hats, towels, beds, and even hoodies. Moreover, hairbrushes and combs also major reasons to spread head lice.

Avoid using the ears of others:

Head lice cannot survive on hard surfaces such as concrete or plastic, but they can stay on ears buds for a while. So it is a good idea to avoid using the ears buds of other people.

Avoid sitting on comfort couches:

While sitting on soft couches give you relaxation and peace of mind, but such places are favorite for everyone. So before sitting on the couch, make sure that this place is neat and clean. Head lice or their eggs can survive in these places for about 48 hours.

Wash your clothes:

A recent study reveals that lice cannot live in high temperatures as they die themselves around 128.3 F. So it is a good idea to wash your belongings with hot water including a scarf, jacket, gloves, hats, and other clothes that you use frequently.

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