There are a lot of people who are telling that they are experts in their field and they are looking for the job so you need to see around and search for the people who really have the experience of working in the relevant field and also have the certificate of ISO training in UAE and then you can hire them after taking the interview. There will be some of the extensive things which you need to know about your employee before hiring and one of these is the ability of doing non-destructive testing. You will be able to know about that by taking the practical work from them and you have to take the same work from all your potential employees in order to know that who will work better and who is just saying they are best and know nothing about it. Here are some of the things:

You need to first know about the qualification of your employee because it is necessary to know about that as you are going to hire them for the work which is quite difficult and not everyone is able to do that. If you are getting a lot of applications in which only few of them have the relevant educational level then you should consider only them if someone with low education have more experience with good reputation then you can call them too as you might know that they will be a good addition to your company and provide better results than the more educated once.

When you ask about the education then it is necessary that you also know about the certificate which they receive from their institute because you need to cross verify them as well. Sometimes fraudulent people will show up with the fake certifications and you will hire them as a result you will never get the best advantage for which you have hired them. Institute has a great role in this regard. If the certificate is of the best institute then you will get the right and legal certificate but if the name of the institute is doubtful then you should not accept that and ask them to give you the physical test of the work you need in your company. Hire them only if they pass the test and there should be no biasness.