Signs you need compulsive eating disorder treatmentSigns you need compulsive eating disorder treatmentSigns you need compulsive eating disorder treatment

Signs you need compulsive eating disorder treatment

Compulsive eating disorder or binge eating disorder has its own causes, characteristics, and symptom. The only way to overcome it is with a proven compulsive eating disorder treatment. Its sufferers will eat uncontrollably, immediately after suffer from guilt or depression. The disease is not only dangerous and destroys the life of the people suffering from it but those around them suffer as well. The victims of this serious disorder require psychological counseling and assistance to overpower the disease. Although the battle is ongoing and difficult, the efforts are well worth.

A compulsive eater is recognized by having several unique characteristics including feeling guilty, depressed or disgusted following overeating. They would eat until they are uncomfortably full. Due to embarrassment over food consumption, compulsive overeaters will frequently eat alone and faster than usual. Even when not particularly hungry the compulsive eater will consume large amounts of food. This debilitating disease is uncontrollable and has devastating effects.

Severely obese people are mostly seen as the victims of this disease; however, not all sufferers are overweight. This disease also tends to affect women more than men. Its sufferers find yo-yo dieting as a way of life and in most people suffer from the disease from a very young age.

Although doctors are not sure about what exactly causes it, alcohol abuse, depression and stress are some of the probable causes for compulsive eating. The serious health risks associated with an over eating disorder include gall bladder disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac stress & failure, stroke, high cholesterol and even specific types of cancer.

Most people would opt for dieting without psychological counseling which is futile. The restrictions the person puts upon self with the diet, he/she ends up bingeing on food to make up for whatever they felt they were lacking or missing out on. Sufferers of compulsive eating disorders cannot rely on dieting alone as it is a psychological issue which needs psychological treatment as any other issue related to mental health in Dubai.

Clinical social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists can be of great help to individuals with eating disorders in Dubai. A treatment for compulsive eating disorder may range from prescribing anti-depressants, undergoing dialectical behavior therapy, regular exercise, use of anti-seizure medication, opting for cognitive behavioral therapy and gastric intestinal surgeries to simple self-help meetings and organizations.