Tips to improve volleyball skills for beginners

Tips to improve volleyball skills for beginners

Volleyball is the most famous game and healthy activity for athletes. It requires hand-eye coordination and technical skills to manage the ball in a court. This sport is considered one of the best fun activities for kids as it helps to boost their confidence level and make them fit physically. If you are a beginner and want to improve your volleyball skills, read the following tips.

Improve physical fitness:

One of the primary tips that you must consider improving your volleyball skills is to increase your physical fitness. Make sure to run 40-50 yards for 15 minutes at maximum speed as it helps to increase your stamina and physical fitness. Include overhead triceps, dumbbell-squat, leg stretches, dumbbell snatch, and overhead press in your daily workout.  This will increase your muscular strengths that are essential for volleyball players. Furthermore, use two-foot, single-foot, and crossover combinations for at least five to ten minutes.

Practice serving:

When it comes to practicing serve, it is very important to keep the balance of your right and left feet to make your serving perfect. You will need to learn how to balance your body during volleyball. Other important parameters that you should consider are the space and feet direction, arm swing, ball tossing angle, and target focus. Learning all these factors make you accurate in practice serving.

Perfect passing:

Perfect passing is crucial in the volleyball for beginners. To make you perfect in passing, you will need to learn how to lock elbows, the position of arm and shoulders, and balance of the body while passing the ball to other players. Perfect passing also requires concentration, speed, the judgment of ball height, and awareness of team member position.

Training for power hits:

Arms and shoulder exercises are essential for power hits. There are various exercises that strengthen your shoulder and arms, like military-press, dumbbell arm swing, and pushups. These exercises can help you training on power hitting.

Learn blocking:

When it comes to learning ball blocking, you have to focus on the right jumping, shoulder and arm positioning, ball handling, and ball watching. When you learn these skills, you can block the balls more effectively and become a good volleyball player. You will also need to get training in fingers-wrist positioning, body posture, and court penetration for ball blocking.