Things to plan for a wedding

Things to plan for a wedding

There are people who have the companies of having wedding planners in Dubai and public will go to hire them when they have a wedding around the corner and then they will be happy to hire them. While you are going to hire a wedding planner then it is not enough for you because you also have to plan a lot of things with their help like you need to plan about the flower arrangement Dubai in your wedding because it is the main part of every wedding. You will never see any wedding without having flowers in there either real or fake but flowers will be there. Here you will get to know about what you need to plan on your wedding:

Guest list:

The main part of your wedding is the guest list because without guests you will not be able to enjoy your wedding and no one will get to know about how and to whom you get married. You can have a smaller gathering or a larger one according to your preferences or the people you know but make sure that you have the budget to accommodate everyone in that list so you have to make the guests list carefully.


There are people who have a dream to get married in summers and some will like to have in the moderate season so you have to make sure that you are sure about the season in which you need to get married and then arrange everything according to that. In summers you cannot have the open air wedding as well as in the peak of winters because there will be the extreme weather and your guests will not feel comfortable in attending your wedding. You also need to select your dress, décor and food according to the season and in every decision you have to take the consent of your partner too.


When you are going to hire an even planner then you have to first make a checklist of having all the things which you need to have in your wedding so you will not miss to tell them anything. If you do not have a checklist then you may forget anything important and then regret about it when it will be the time of your wedding and it may spoil your mood.