Types of branding and marketing strategies

There are so many different brand strategies out there which you should equip in order to make sure that you are reaching the right level of marketing in order to make out your brand stand out. Every company have their own strategies and what work for them may not work for your brand but you can surely try one of these strategies to know what works for you. Find out more by reading below:

  • Individual branding

For a just newly established brand it is not easy for them to be recognized and in such cases they try to take help from their parent company. But when they do that their individual brand recognition doesn’t count in and their image is all because of their parent brand. What you can do in such case is make sure that you bring out your individual brand image and separate yourself from the others.

  • Attitude branding

One thing which you don’t need to forget while branding your product is the fact that there should definitely be an attitude and self expression involved in. Don’t compromise your brand’s image for anything even if it means investing more than expected. As per a creative branding agency in Dubai, your brand is going to be recognized for its quality every time because one wrong move can break your image badly in such a way that it would take time for people to trust it again.

  • Brand extension

This is the opposite of individual branding. When you have a well established brand and know that there is a lot more to look forward to with the opportunities you can see upcoming it only makes sense to start a new brand which speaks volume about its own parent brand. This will be achieved when your own brand image is well enough to be supporting the other.

  • Private labels

It is very common for brands to do private labelling and it is one of the smartest and easiest ways to establish your brand. The retailer with their own labels and considered to be more trust worthy than any other because they are not getting coiled in the run of government and its promises.

There are other types of brandings available but if you really wish to make a difference then you should figure out something of your own and see what works for you.